Minority Investments supports generational exchange in Czech companies

Minority Investments supports generational exchange in Czech companies

Behind every business plan is a story. A story of good idea, hard work, happiness, ability to estimate competition, use of possibilities and especially people. People who have devoted all their skills, potential and time to building the values ​​that persist for generations have a positive impact on human communities and contribute to the wealth of the people who make them and the wealth of the country in which people live.

Minority Investments is behind the story. Ours. We come from the family business that our fathers built. We worked in family businesses, but we also went our own way and pursued our own business activities in the areas of investment, corporate consulting, corporate development, restructuring and buying and selling corporate shares. We have always been delighted when companies have continued to develop to the satisfaction of their owners, employees and community. Every company that has gained new customers, expanded its production or exported abroad thanks to our help is another solid support of our economy and society. And he continues to make up his story.

At the same time, we see that Czech companies are all undergoing a generational exchange for the first time. This is because 1989 meant the same starting line for everyone. It has been over thirty years now and logically now the generations are changing. It is a period full of new challenges and opportunities. Exchange of generations also means changes in ownership of shares in companies. And we want to help this change, because we believe that tradition can continue thanks to the new impulses and innovations that the new generation brings.

Therefore, we want to help Czech companies grow and further develop as qualified investors in minority stakes from 10 to 50 percent not only in companies but also in real estate and thus keep them in Czech hands. We invest our own capital, so we behave responsibly and think in the long term.

We are accustomed to working hard and we know that the results come with long-term patient work. That is why we focus on long-term investments and long-term partnerships. We will support investment in human capital, corporate culture, technology, automation, robotics and building know-how. All this will contribute to their revitalization and further development.

We pay attention to open and fair relationships with our business partners and regard mutual respect as the key to further business development. We believe that values ​​such as social responsibility, a friendly approach to the environment in which we live, and finding ways to best enable women and men to realize their potential at work are as important as the further development of the businesses in which we invest. We want to give young people a chance to realize their visions and fulfill their dreams.

We are sure that Czech companies can succeed in foreign markets even more than they do now. Our motivation is simple. We live in a wonderful country full of smart and clever people. And we know we can be even better off. We want to help those who come after us have something to build on.


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